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No Drama, Be Respectful, and Be Happy Rule. Yes, we are one of THOSE studios where we really do try our best to keep our environment as positive as we can. This means being respectful to all Dojo 3 Staff, Instructors, Members, Non-Members, Guests, and Visitors. We have a 0% tolerance for violence, rudeness, negative attitudes, drama, and gossip. Please be courteous in the parking lots, lobby, waiting in line, and during classes.  Smile at others and remember that everyone in your class has the same goal and intentions as you, which is we are all trying to better ourselves by living healthier lives. Please help keep Dojo 3 fun and positive by being just that: FUN AND POSITIVE! 

"So now...are you ready to have the time of your freakin' life? Get ready to dance your booty off...literally!!! Come say hi to me if you end up taking one of my classes. And...CHEERS TO YOU FOR EMBARKING ON THIS JOURNEY TO A NEW YOU."  

Lori Chung Founder & Instructor

We are looking for

dance enthusiasts and future instructors to join us at our upcoming Certifications and Workshops!

Visit for all the details! 

Training held in Renton, Washington.

Dojo 3
900 S Grady Way
Toll Free (855) 365-6333

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